10 Important Reasons to Hire Me as Your Wedding Photographer

February 10, 2021

10 Important Reasons To Hire Me As Your Wedding Photographer

1. I’m A Master of My Craft

From natural light to low light, I know exactly what is needed to make you shine. With more than 20-years of photography experience, I promise not to miss those important moments, but to also artfully capture your entire day beautifully and without being a nuisance.

I’ve been honored with several awards for my work and have being inducted into The Knot Hall of Fame! I’ve been published in Vogue (every photographer’s dream), as well as countless other publications around the world. My photography is the reason you came to me, as you undoubtedly know good photography when you see it! You’re my type of person.

9 important reasons to hire me as your wedding photographer

2. I Love Photographing Weddings!

This should go without saying, but so many Wedding photographers that I meet tell me they hate Weddings! The reasons vary from the hours being too long, to the pressure involved with capturing the most important moment in a couple’s life. I get it, but then why do they still do it? It’s the money, which to me is the last reason to do something that doesn’t make one happy.

When I’m shooting Weddings or Engagement photos there is no hiding how thrilled I am to have the opportunity to create life long memories for these couples. I can’t help but smile while I’m behind the camera. I even feel joy and actually smile when I’m alone editing the photos because I’m reliving those beautiful moments of the day.

San Francisco Wedding Photographer

3. My Photos are from Real Weddings!

Did you know that many of the photos that other photographers display on their sites aren’t from “Real Weddings”? It’s true, there is something called “Staged Weddings”, otherwise known as Editorials. In a nutshell, this is when a photographer, hairdresser, makeup artist, linen, and flower company come together and create the perfect fairy tale wedding day.

There is nothing wrong with this and it makes for a great portfolio. Unfortunately, you being an unknowing consumer, thinking it is a pure representation of that photographers work on a wedding day have no idea it’s all staged.

The fact is, time never stops during your big day. There isn’t a crew of people making sure every detail is perfect before the photo is taken. Even a beginner can make beautiful pictures under these slow, calculated conditions, and they do.

You can rest assured that 100% of the photos on my website are from Real Weddings. Non-stop, fast moving, with only minutes to get it right, these photos are a true representation of what you can expect from me on your most precious day, often busy day.

4. I’m Great with People & Mom’s Love Me

One of the most overlooked things couples forget to think about when hiring a photographer is, how enjoyable is this person to be around? Photography is a two-way-art, so if you, your family or guests aren’t comfortable with the photographer, it will show in the photos. You’ll be spending the whole day with your photographer so make sure you like them!

If you’ve read my reviews, one of the commonalities that couples say is how much people love me. Here is one such review which sums this point up:

     “It was important for us to pick someone who captured beautiful photos – but it was also important to pick a person who has a personality that would put us at ease on our wedding day. Your photographer is a person who you spend a lot of time with on your wedding day so it was important to us that we found someone who would capture great moments and would be fun to be around all day. Remo did both of those things and more!

     When you first Remo, it is immediately apparent how friendly and thoughtful he is. It was so easy for us to open up as we took photos with Remo because he has such great energy and positivity that made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. That sense of comfort and fun translated so well – we love our wedding photos! Remo’s photos captured our day so perfectly. The pictures were so beautiful, natural, and candid. We’re so thankful to Remo for providing us with such amazing images that we will treasure for the rest of our lives!” – Kelsey A.

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The Groom’s Grandma and I (top left) along with groom and best man during the reception.

5. My Second Shooters Are Pros!

The people that I rely on to shoot with me are selected because they are at the same skill level as I am, and are also as personable. This is important because when we are separated, for example during the Getting Ready Photos, I want their photos of the Groom to be as beautiful as the photos I take of the Bride. Unfortunately, many Photographer’s Second Shooters are still learning and therefore may be there more for aesthetics than anything else. It is important to me that the complete set of photos from your Wedding have a cohesive look. Beautiful and timeless.

Photo by Sara G.

6. Photo Protection & Storage

How your photos are protected and stored are often overlooked by couples when choosing a photographer. It is VITAL that your photos aren’t lost the day of, or the day’s after your wedding. Here are the steps I take, and all other photographers should be taking to protect your photos:

  • Two Card Backup System – The cards that your photos are kept on while photographing your wedding can fail, and that’s why I always make sure to shoot with two cards in each camera at the same time so if one fails, the other card will keep the data. It is very unlikely that both cards would fail, and to be honest I’ve never even had one card fail but I still keep this protocol in place since this seems to be a thing which happens with photographers. Google it.
  • Changing Cards Throughout the Day – To further protect from losing images from your Wedding, I make sure to switch my cards for each portion of the day. For example, after I photograph the Getting Ready photos and before photographing the Ceremony I switch cards. I repeat this process for each major portion of the day. This way if my cards fail (which is unlikely since I shoot with two cards at a time) not every photo of your day will be lost.
  • Card Security – Call me paranoid, but I have a fear of loosing these cards which hold your irreplaceable images. That’s why I keep them on me in a hard case which fits in my pocket, and is attached to me via a strong clasp to my belt loop. I know that many photographers simply put the cards in their photo bag and go about their day, but I’ve heard too many horror stories about bags disappearing, along with those cards which can never be replaced. They stay on my body until I get home and move on to the next step.
  • Backup to Three Additional Sources – The first thing I do when I get home after a wedding, regardless of how late it may be, is back up your photos. First I upload all of the images to my computer and an external hard drive. Once they are uploaded to my computer they are automatically uploaded to the Cloud for safe storage. Lastly, the cards that I shot your wedding on are put away until I’ve edited all of your photos. This is just one extra step I take in case all other steps have failed. Lastly, I never erase photos no matter how long ago the shoot was. They are archived on external hard drives as well as the cloud just in case you somehow lost the photos and need them again.

Child brings the rings to the groom

7. Insurance

My services come with up to $1,000,000 worth of insurance coverage to protect the venue from any mishaps that could leave you liable of accidental destruction of anything on the venue site from me and my gear. Insurance is often a requirement by venues for Photographer’s to have before working on their site. The venue wants to know that the Photographer is insured properly to cover and replace anything that may potentially be damaged by events unforeseen.

Jewish Wedding Celebration

8. Force Majeure Protection

Force majeure is a term that covers unforeseen emergencies such as a natural disaster, medical emergency, or a an event that could cause either party to cancel the services agreed upon in the contract.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit I had most of my clients move their Wedding dates to the future. Some as much as two-years away. This was not a problem as I accommodated these changes, and they did not get penalized with additional fees.

Additionally, included in my clause it states I will find a replacement, return deposits, and give as much notice as possible if I’m not able to hold up my end of the contract. If a tragedy occurs the day of the Wedding I have a backup photographer that is ready to take my place at a moment’s notice. That way you are not left without a Photographer on your wedding day.

9. Boutique Wedding Business

Fioroni Photography is a Boutique Wedding Business, meaning, it is locally owned and operated by me, your Photographer! The reason this is important is, larger companies that hire a variety of people to go out and shoot their weddings do not have a good track record when it comes to customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, because the people that shoot those weddings don’t have their names associated with the business, if they screw it up they can just go on to the next giant photo company and start over. They have nothing to lose.

I stand by my work 100%. My family name is attached to the business and I take pride in the service I provide to every couple that trusts me to be the storyteller on their wedding day.

10. Wedding Photography Educator

I take immense pride in having mentored numerous wedding photographers who have not only flourished in their own photography businesses but have also forged successful careers. The trust bestowed upon me as a mentor is a genuine testament to the respect I have earned within my professional community. This mentoring experience, however, is not only about giving guidance; it has been a reciprocal process that has significantly contributed to my growth as a photographer. As I share my knowledge and insights with aspiring talents, I continually refine my own skills, gaining new perspectives and refining my craft. Consequently, this reciprocal mentorship dynamic has heightened my proficiency and artistic vision, making me an even more adept and accomplished wedding photographer. Couples can confidently place their trust in me, knowing that my commitment to mentorship underscores my dedication to continuous improvement and excellence in capturing their special moments.