Best Engagement Photo Locations in San Francisco

February 10, 2021

Below I share what I consider to be the best engagement photo locations in San Francisco.

1. Palace of Fine Arts

Engagement sessions at the Palace of Fine Arts is extremely popular and therefore it’s best to shoot on a weekday, or very early in the morning. Iconic for its tall columns, surrounding lagoon, and architecture designed to evoke a decaying ruin of ancient Rome, the Palace of Fine Arts is one of San Francisco’s most recognizable landmarks. It is a one of a kind spot that you can’t find anywhere else, and is a favorite of mine to bring couples to as part of my engagement package that I offer.

For this location I encourage couples to dress up as this place has a more formal and magical feel to it. I save the more casual looks for the next two spots on my list.

Palace of Fine Arts Couple Kissing.

2. Stowe Lake

Located in Golden Gate Park is Stowe Lake. This is a man made lake with an island in the middle. This charming lake, with its pedal boats, waterfall and Chinese pavilion, provides so many great photo opportunities. I personally have a hard time putting my camera down just due to the beauty and variety of the different areas within the park.

For this area I ask my couples to wear semi-casual attire. There is a small bathroom near the boathouse where they can change out of their outfit they wore at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Couple in boats at Stowe Lake during an engagement photo shoot.

3. Baker Beach

To round out my Engagement Photo Sessions, I usually end with Baker Beach which lies at the foot of rugged serpentine cliffs west of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Here you will find panoramic views of the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands and Lands End. It’s a perfect way to end the day and watch the sunset.

One thing to mention is, the closer you get to the Golden Gate Bridge the more likely you are to encounter nudists. I usually warn couples before we get there and so far, no one has been offended by them. We usually get a chuckle and go about our shoot. If anything it adds to the experience in true San Francisco nature.

Couple embraces at Baker Beach Cliffs

Please contact me to set up your Engagement Photo Session! I have plenty of location suggestions all over the Bay Area, but I’m open to going to your special locations that are meaningful to you. I look forward to hearing from you!