Love in Long Beach: Coffee, Records, and Drinks

March 9, 2024

Venue Locations:  Cafe Rose Park Cafe | Music Store Fingerprints Music | Bar Mezcalero LBC

Capturing the essence of love in the vibrant heart of Long Beach, California was an absolute joy during this engagement photo adventure. We kicked off the day at the charming Rose Park Cafe, nestled in downtown Long Beach. Surrounded by the cozy atmosphere, the couple’s laughter and affection unfolded over cups of steaming coffee. Transitioning to Fingerprints Records, nostalgia filled the air as the couple explored a treasure trove of vintage vinyl records, creating timeless moments amidst the backdrop of music history. The celebration continued at Mezcalero LBC, where the couple toasted to their future at the intimate upstairs bar with expertly crafted cocktails. Each venue infused its unique charm into the visual narrative of their love story, making this engagement shoot in Long Beach an authentically memorable and eclectic experience.